Wednesday, December 9


Introduction to AAMI’s Certified Associate Biomedical Technician (CABT) Certification

David Scott, Senior Biomedical Technician, UCHealth and Brian Wilson, CBET, CRES, Imaging Service Engineer 3, Trimedx

There is a new certification in the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) world. This AAMI Credentialing Institute (ACI) certification is directed toward new BMETs looking to jump-start their careers. This introduction session will discuss the details of the new Certified Associate Biomedical Technician (CABT) certification. If you are a career changer, or just new to HTM and looking to increase your resume and demonstrate your knowledge and commitment this could be just what you are looking for.

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Challenges of Implementing Biomedical Equipment into an Information Technology Environment

Gregory Goll, Manager, Projects and Medical Imaging Services , WellStar Health System

This presentation will address the importance of understanding IT issues and how they relate to biomedical equipment, proper installation considerations, and how to communicate effectively with IT professionals. Adapting to a changing environment where simple devices are now network-dependent to function properly and issues related to required remote access can be a challenge. These challenges and installation of medical equipment requiring a network to function and different types of network configurations will be addressed.

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Thursday, December 10


Enabling the Connected Hospital for Better Patient Care

Kyle Holetz, Solution Consultant and Dustin Smith, Senior Solution Consultant, Nuvolo

Leveraging technology to connect hospital support organizations drives process efficiencies, ensures regulatory compliance, and improves patient care. The convergence of HTM, facilities, IT and capital planning help hospitals improve the care of their patients and hospital staff, while simplifying maintenance procedures. In this session we will describe specific healthcare scenarios using a connected healthcare system and how that assists support organizations to better work together. Please join us to see how you can improve operational performance at your healthcare organization and drive departmental collaboration for the business.

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Essentials of Networking for the Biomedical Engineer

Tyler Thrasher, Technology Manager, Spacelabs Healthcare

Almost every medical device is connected to some kind of network. This course provides the details every biomedical engineer can use for any device on a private or integrated network within the hospital ecosystem. These principles will help any biomed effectively engage hospital IT and vendors before, after and throughout the life cycle of medical devices.

Biomed Survival Guide for Imaging Modalities

Brian Wilson, CBET, CRES, Imaging Service Engineer 3, Trimedx

The presentation will have a mix of visual and live format on various imaging modalities. The presenter will share his experiences as both a biomed and imaging service engineer to help explain the subject from both perspectives with a focus on safety and best practices when working in clinical imaging areas. He will also answer questions on the subject matter and maybe even inspire a few biomeds to consider a career in medical imaging.

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Servicing the Tuttnauer “E” Series Sterilizers

Chris Jacobs, Product Engineer, RPI

This presentation will help attendees understand the theory of operation of the Tuttnauer electronic controlled sterilizers, perform a basic PM on the machines and become familiar with all of the critical components of the machine. Students will also learn key service tips and techniques, as well as understand how to calibrate these machines.

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Principles of ECG

David Scott, Senior Biomedical Technician, UCHealth

This is need-to-know for biomedical technicians. Join this presentation for either a brush up or first-time introduction to cardiac structure, electrophysiology, heart related vital signs, and ECG recording. It will give pointers for PMs and troubleshooting. It will cover test equipment usage and give meaning to the test equipment signal output. This will be centered around the Biomedical Technician.

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Medical Device Servicing Community/FDA Industry Updates

Dave Francoeur, Senior VP Marketing and Sales, Tech Knowledge Associates

Please join us for a lively and informational discussion where we will address several issues affecting the HTM field in the foreseeable future. Top on the agenda will be – Medical Device Servicing Community response to FDA initiatives initiated by MITA regarding quality and safety related servicing and re-manufacturing of medical devices, updates to the Right to Repair efforts, along with examining the impact of the closing of 24 colleges, which is expected to result in a shortage of 4,000-6,000 technicians in the next 3 or so years.

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HTM Think Tank: A Panel Discussion

Moderated by: Dave Francoeur, Senior VP Marketing and Sales, Tech Knowledge Associates
Panelists: Steve Cannon, President & CEO, Healthcare Technology Group, LLC,
Wanda Legate, SVP Business Development, Tri-Imaging Solutions,
Butch Eavenson, CPA, Chief Executive Officer, Trinity Regional, Hospital Sachse

An expert panel discussion, where key issues involving the industry will be discussed, including current challenges and solutions, that will affect the HTM industry in the foreseeable future.

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